My Android Phone

This is the story about my 1st Android phone. Main purpose of posting this, I had a problem with my new phone due to its lower capacity of internal storage. So I wanted to get more space on it. I tried several options default android OS provided, but not get any successful result.

So I tried some advance settings to do so and get remove unwanted Apps from my internal memory to SD card. While I was doing it as a beginner with android I had no idea what will be to my New Phone (Not even pass 48 hr from my 1st use) in a small mistake.586130367029e37741523ab06941de68

After couple of minutes browsing over the internet I got some software’s to do it. So finally it would be a simple interesting thing to me, so I transferred all applications to my SD card. It felt me I had wings to fly over android.

So by doing it my self suddenly get message “Unfortunately SIMcontacts has stopped“.  And both of my GSM SIM cards are now not detecting by my phone. Also both network indicators also disappear form the top corner of my phone.

  • System restore do nothing to fixed it. Non of the any of support forums give me the solution.

Here is the background  story about My Phone Android OS.   And it is a story about how to fly over with broken wings.

Be with me to get understand about your android phone and get more closer to it.


12 thoughts on “My Android Phone

  1. Despite the poor English, I understood what you’re saying and it kinda fits with my first experience of Android. It’s a slow process going through all the apps installed on lower end phones as, welll, they’re slower! I did find I could speed up my phone with Greenify (hibernates those apps safe to hibernate, reduces cache use but still allows a small allocation meaning they will wake up quickly) and combining that with going through all running apps and disabling any built in ones that you do not use.

    For example, I have a Huawei y300 which has a notoriously BAD keybaord and spell checker (only a 4gb hdd), so I downloaded swiftkey (which is great btw) and disabled the Huawei keyboard. Obviously whilst doing this, you must be careful not to disable any core applications as things will go a tad awry, lol. And it’s also a good idea to replace it with something that you would prefer to use from the google play store. For example Chrome over the default browser. I also then got an application to move all non-native applications to SD that would allow it. Apps2SD is pretty good for this, as it will only list apps that are safe to move and your phone will continue to work properly after – so its very useful for beginners (like me!). Don’t move Facebook though – it has a tantrum at the slightest provocation – like if you cheeky enough to try to use it for intance (worst app I’ve used on Android so far). Obviously, like the OP, I changed my default storage to SD before doing any of the above.

    I think I would have been a bit more prepared for all that though, if I had found this post whilst scouring the internet for help with Android phones. Isn’t it amazing what you can learn online! Thanks for this post – makes me feel a lot more confident about my own experiences and conclusions.


    1. Thanks for written a suppor post to my site. I am really sorry for the poor English. That because I am not English person.
      If some one get just a bit of knowledge from my site, That will be gratfull.
      Thanking you.


  2. Hi

    Whenever I try to edit a photo from my Galary a pop up will appear saying that “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”, and I tried with many steps from many forums but i didn’t get any solution, so if possible kindly help me to get rid of this issue plz


  3. “Unfortunately, …. has stopped” error comes due to the System malfunction of application.

    With out send details about your phone Model & OS version it is hard to find a perfect solution. I can give you some back end details.

    If you used Advance rooting options such as remove system application (modifying system apps ), at least one time maybe the some of other application can be cause some how.

    Any how the best solution I can offer you install new gallery app from apps store as it suitable to you phone.


  4. I can open apps when I first turn on my phone, but once 5 minutes past and I try to open another app it says the app has closed. What should I do?


    1. Understand Error. “unfortunately ***** has stopped” mainly comes by due to the memory low on your RAM.
      to make it sure completely shoutdonw your phone or (Remove Battery).
      Switch on the phone and try once.


  5. i have a problem.. whenever i will open an application of my phone, it says “unfortunately,facebook has topped ‘ ..please kindly help me.. my mom is angry at me cause i cant receive her message..pls…thank u so much..


    1. According to my experience “unfortunately, **** has topped ” error comes mainly from memory issue.
      It means there are no free working memory to load your target application.
      1st try to complete shdown your phone and open reboot it.


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