“Root” what is that ?

     Before telling my experience here is what Android telling about Root.

“Root itself is just a user with elevated permissions, who can do anything to any file or folder in the system. It’s often dangerous, always powerful, and an integral part of Linux. Android is the most popular “version” of Linux in the world (as well as the most popular computing system), but as we discussed above superuser access is more restricted than it is on other Linux systems.”     |  Source : http://www.androidcentral.com/root

    I done root my phone as it need to do in 1st step of customizing my phone. To complete this you need software support. Call it Kingo Root.

Kingo Root

     This is a simple software you can root your android phone easy and protected way.

  • Install the application to your computer
  • Connect your phone with USB Cable
  • Open the application on your PC
  • It will automatically identify your phone and will allow you to Root your phone in 1 Click

     Most important thing is this software allow you to do it backward as well.

Note : please make sure your phone need to be Enabled  Developer Options -> USB debugging  before you connect your phone to cable.Screenshot_2014-08-21-15-42-08

Root Checker will be useful tool to anyone in next step. It will gives us information about our root process is success or not.

You can download it from Google Play store or Click Here will direct you to the download page.


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