Need More Space

My 1st android phone Point of View Mobii 3515PDF will show you the details of it. It is very simple lower price lower performance mobile phone compare to Android mobile phone market.

Internal Storage
Internal Storage

     I wanted to remove some unwanted application from internal storage to SD Card.

To do it I am “null” with android. So I do follow online forums, web sites, reviews to do it myself.

  • Built in applications have no permission to send SD card by system
  • To do so we need couple of application to get access to “Root” .
  • Doing this is total at risk & warranty void.
  • In a single mistake Total OS will be crashed.

But according to the system OS my phone taking too much memory in use from internal memory. Even I selected SD card as my software installation location some of space taking from my internal memory also.

So modifying Android OS would be a must in my situation rather than taking advance phone. Lets go on and see what would happen to My Android Phone OS.

It would be an Interesting story…


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