“Unfortunately, contacts has stopped”

This is 3rd post on My Android Phone os. Now I am with my phone with success fully “Rooted”.

Now is time to do transfer application from my phone to my SD card. To do this it has many of applications. I try it out by Link2SD. I prefer it as i found it on Google PlayStore. And it have several features also it is a perfect System Tool.

Cover art Link2SD 

Features: Here I am not list up all features. You can check them on PlayStore. Here are the use full features on it.
App manager
Create and remove link for apk, dex and lib files of the app.
Move any user apps to SD even though the app does not support moving to SD

When you open the Application, it will list up all your System & User application installed on it. When you touch an application it will show you details of it.

Most important things are Size Of App & Location of it. If any applications already have on the SD Card it will be show in Yellow color. All other applications you now have permit to transfer to SD card.

  1. In the 1st Step system application has to convert in to a User Application. – It will grant you permission to move.
  2. Then you can see the option to Move to SD Card.

With my experience “Wow I done it grate”. After I done it, I felt that I got wings… So I had done transfer Most of my applications to SD Card. My past computer trouble shooting experience remind me to not transfer System Related Applications. Such as applications need to boot up my System.

But always I felt free to do so be cause I thought In case of accident “Factory Restore” will be helped to me to recover my phone to default position. So I transfer most applications to my SD Card at same time.

  • Phone
  • Contacts
  • Email
  • SMS
  • File Browser
  • WEB Application

Are some of I remember now. I most consider getting more free space from my internal storage. So I prefer to install more than 1MB files 1st priority.

After I done them all in one step and closed the application. When it prompted to “Reboot” my phone, I stucked 1 second “Am I done some thing wrong” but again I felt free “No Factory Restore will make it correct”.

So I reboot the phone, but thing was happen that I never expected. “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped” System message popup on my screen. Faster I went for the Network settings on my phone. “Unfortunately, SIMcontacts has stopped”

ASAP I went for a “Factory Rest” with a big hope like a Full moon in to a dark night. Unfortunately same errors popup me again & again Factory reset not success.

Next post will be Story of restoration.


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