Success Fully fixed My Android Phone OS

…This is blog story about my Andorid Phone which was get trouble with in 48hr. Hope if any one new to this blog believe will help to resolve the issue of “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped” that most of forums are still open…

      After not success of Factory Restore, I was really helpless. I tried may time the factory restore but nothing get helped to me. Even now SIM Signal Indicator also not Disappear from the display.

     After Couple of time I concern what was some applications are not available from the Factory restore. When I go through more about it, I find it out that the Uninstalled items from the internal memory is not present with the Factory restore.Then I realized that I have done the remove applications from internal memory, are the items that available for factory reset.

     And I looked around my SD card to shift back them again to my phone memory. Fortunately their was applications were my SD card, and  available to re-install manually.

Step by step I transfer all applications back to my internal memory as I did backup my applications in early step. 

unnamedAPK Extractor : is a perfect tool which can back up your all applications in to SD card. And it can install back at any time to your phone

So after done all default application re-install I restarted my phone. That was really nice and my both SIMs are now appearing in the phone. And I find a Contact in my phone, and it was ok all contacts are now can find out.

Also I done change all applications back to system application. Normally when we install an application to our phone it appear as user application. Some of applications need to link with system boot.  To do it successfully way  Link2SD

2unnamedwill give you best support.


     And It was I spend 1½ days for the get done with this restore My android phone os. I was really happy to do it and thanking people how done developing some apps support to me.





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